TATCHA Skincare

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Victoria Tsai, Founder & CEO, TATCHA

Victoria Tsai, Founder & CEO, TATCHA

TATCHA is a beauty company that brands their products as “luxury skincare inspired by Geisha beauty rituals.” It was founded in 2009 by Victoria Tsai.

One of the things I will spend money on is skincare. Primarily because my skin is very sensitive and prone to breakouts, blemishes and dryness. Drugstore brands do not work for me. I've also used items recommended by dermatologists but over the years have wanted to shift toward products that contain natural ingredients. TATCHA is a high-end skincare line, and the price tag although expensive, if you can and are willing, is worth it. My introduction to Tatcha was via QVC. I was very impressed with the presentation Victoria gave describing the history of her company and her transition away from using conventional skincare because of her own issues with them.

Admittedly, I did not purchase right away because I wanted to do more research myself. The TATCHA website has a lot of useful information about their products. As with most skincare lines, their products are separated in to Normal+Combination, Oily, Dry, and Sensitive. Since their price-point is high, I felt trying them via QVC allowed me to test out the product without expending a lot of money at once, and the ability to return it and be refunded if I wasn’t satisfied.



I didn’t return it. I love it. It is very gentle yet effective, which for my skin is a must. My skin is a bit touchy and will let me know if it doesn’t like something! The cleansing system includes: 

  1. Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
  2. Polished Rice Enzyme Powder

Although I’ve heard of oil cleansing before, I was skeptical as to whether or not it actually got your skin clean. The Pure One Step Cleansing Oil acts as sort of a primer to the Rice Enzyme Powder by removing the initial layer of dirt and makeup from your face. It is an AMAZING makeup remover. Seriously, it removes makeup very easily without harsh scrubbing or using a lot of the product.

The cleansing process is to take two pumps of the oil in dry hands and apply it to a dry face. You then rinse your face with warm water and the oil changes consistency from an oil to this milky liquid and begins to melt away as it’s rinsed. You then take a couple of shakes of the Rice Enzyme Powder to wet hands, add a few drops of water, which turns the powder into a foamy cleanser and mild exfoliant because there are still bits of granules. You rinse and are left with a really clean and fresh face. You can finish the process with their moisturizer but I have been using my own. 

I am impressed with this product and would repurchase it. I would, however, get the items for dry or sensitive skin, but at the time they were not offered on QVC. I would also purchase the moisturizer as I feel it would be a nice compliment to the other products.

In general, I like the products and I can really get behind the company mission and vision - a less is more approach to beauty, which is what I prefer. I also appreciate how they make sure to note that diet plays a key role in the look of skin.

I recently went back to the TATCHA website and see that they now offer trial sizes and discovery kits for those that do not want to commit to purchasing full-size products. Something to consider as you explore whether TATCHA would be a good fit for your skin.