About Uniquely Us!

Isn't it amazing how unique we are? No one person is alike. Even identical twins that may be impossible to tell apart physically has their own personality and fingerprints. We all have that something special about us that makes us who we are.

As women, our uniqueness goes even further. Although we are often defined by our physical traits - our eyes, hips, lips, legs, hair and so forth - we know we are much more than that!  We are myriad of personalities, styles, looks, behaviors, intellect, attitude, humor and spirits. And we should celebrate who we are all day, every day.

As a woman of color, it is frustrating and heartbreaking to see depictions of you that don't represent you accurately or to be overlooked entirely. I believe other women may share my sentiment. Uniquely Us! is a place to showcase women - all women, yes - but particularly women not generally celebrated. It's a reflection of what I'm interested in and what I think other women may be interested in too. I desire to lift women up in a way that is positive, enlightening and empowering. Thank you for joining me.



A little about Me

Hello and welcome, my name is Tammy. I never know what to say when talking about myself, but I will say this. I have never really been a beauty guru so stepping into these waters is a bit unnerving. I am that woman who cringes at the checkout line when bombarded by magazine covers of women half dressed in suggestive positions. I'm the woman who wonders why we allow ourselves to be used in those ways or spend our hard earned dollars buying it. My interest in beauty goes beyond the external accoutrements we all seek. I'm sure that my brand of beauty may not be well received by some, nevertheless, my desire is to see women in their true glory - courageous, confident, and self-accepting regardless of where they come from or what they look like.